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From our Ting Talk Blog

Black-Backed Jackal – The Family Way

A breeding pair of black-backed jackals will bond for life, and will only find a new partner, should the current one die!
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Call Of The Cheetah

After a hunt a cheetah will spend approximately 30-40 minutes resting and cooling their body down before they actually begin feeding.
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Interesting Dynamics Of Painted Wolves

The hunts normally start off as a trot, scanning the surroundings till potential prey is spotted. A high-speed chase then follows, which could last kilometres...
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Video Friday Battle Of The Kruger: Lions Versus Buffaloes

View adrenalin-charged video footage of a battle in the Kruger between buffaloes and lions...
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Flashback Friday Video – A Lioness Sneezes Away Kill… Or Did She?

This specific lioness had a few things going against her from the very beginning...
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