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Latest Sightings was established in 2012 by schoolboy Nadav Ossendryver. As an obsessive Kruger Park visitor Nadav’s favourite pastime was asking his parents to flag down passing motorists and asking them what they had seen. Eventually they tired of this hobby and began to say no. Nadav looked to technology to solve his problem. He established Latest Sightings and from there it quite literally exploded!

The community is extremely loyal and without question “obsessed” about wildlife and the amazing Kruger Park! Many followers chat with friends daily on the WhatsApp groups, whether they’re in the Park or in the office. They share incredible video content through the Latest Sightings YouTube channel and it has quickly become one of the top ten most viewed channels in South Africa.

When Nadav is in the Kruger Park, a new holiday favourite is getting the community together on the deck after a day’s viewing, to meet, chat and share tales. A great way to end off.

Latest Sightings is a great way to meet like minded people and to explore your passion for wildlife.
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Nadav Ossendryver – Founder of Latest Sightings

Nadav Ossendryver is one of those teenagers you just hope your child is going to be like. Part techno-boffin, part drummer, big part tennis player, A-grade Matric scholar!

He was just 15 years old when he established Latest Sightings and never imagined that it would be a fulltime business before he even finished school. He also couldn’t have imagined that it would lead him to meeting US President Barack Obama or Kingsley Holgate, or gracing the boardrooms of Microsoft, Google and Nokia or joining WildEarthTV as a camera operator for National Geographic’s “Big Cat Week. He also was the Keynote speaker for the opening of Facebook in Africa.

Despite his profile he remains a conservationist and the bush is definitely his place to be. He i€™s far more at home in a tent and next to the camp fire than at his desk studying for his next maths distinction! He gets his biggest kicks from spotting wild dogs or meeting community members to chat about what they ha€™ve seen!

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