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Nov 10 2015

Earn cash by uploading your wildlife videos!! 

We are experts at making animal videos go viral. Our YouTube channel gets over 15,000,000 views per month with nearly 300,000,000 total views.

We promote your video to our audience and share 40% of the revenue earned with you on a monthly basis. The earnings are based in US Dollars.

Examples of the potential earnings are from current members: 





Through our YouTube channel and relationships with various news media, we can guarantee thousands of hits on your action-filled or cute wildlife videos. 


How do you earn?

1. You upload your video to our site

2. If we think the video is good enough, we edit it and upload it to our channel.

3. We then promote the video

4. We then pay you monthly.


We select the very best from the many incredible wildlife sightings and upload them to our YouTube Channel. Then from every view that video gets, you get paid a couple of cents. But, if your video gets thousands or even millions of views, those cents add up very quickly. We have paid people from just a couple of thousands of Rands to R300,000! 


What videos make it?


1. Videos of wild animal sightings that are unique and special seem to do the best! Like an action-filled sighting or a cute baby elephant chasing birds 


2. Any sightings of African land animals in any game reserve have a chance (Soon we will accept videos of bears and sharks etc…)


3. Does quality matter? Not at all! If you are shouting with excitement in the background as the leopard stalks its prey or filmed the sighting with your cell phone, it doesn’t matter too much. Some of our most viewed sightings were filmed with a cell phone.


So what are you waiting for?   

Sign up now

and earn some money!

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