Success Stories

Here are all the success stories we have helped come true.
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I am helping my parents in Kruger from my office They don’t have twitter thanks to this site they are seeing their second lions for the week!!! Thank you!


Did you see them?


@latestkruger thanks! and to urself! Saw wild dogs, elephants, 2 leopard, zebra! Wanna see lion and giraffe* thanks for handy updates:)

Helped Je_Limbertii see wild dogs, elephants, 2 leopard,and zebra:

Helped @Paula3272 Find Male Lions By Paul Kruger Gate:
@Paula3272 :
@latestkruger yay just arrived at the lions!! Wow!! Thank you

It’s a pleasure! I love it when followers get to see the sightings! 

Helped @AfricanPhoto find wild dogs:

@latestkruger great sighting!
saw the wild dogs!

Helped @rhodesgarrett Find Mating Lions:
@latestkruger Thanks for the mating lions today! Quite a large crowd by the time we left but lions still put on a show. they are not shy!

Helped @eviecm Find Cheetah:
@latestkruger We saw those cheetahs when we where driving past. On the rd from Skukuza to lower Sabie we saw 2 more cheetahs

Helped @Je_Limbertii Find Lions:
saw lion!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

Helped Friends of Friends from the UK Find Lion and Leopard on the First Morning in Kruger:
” Thanks to Kruger Sightings, friends of friends from the UK saw leopard and lion today, first visit to Kruger”

 Helped Nicky Niemann Find 3 Lionesses and 9 Cubs:
What a way to end the day!!
3 lioness and 9 cubs! Thank you for this wonderful page.

Helped @Susan_Scott find Wild Dogs:
@Susan_Scott Why not try those wild dogs right on the way that you are going? good luck!

YOU ARE A LEGEND!! Thank-you! Thank-you! Most amazing experience at Kruger… Wild Dogs SO close!!

Helped Chris Find Leopard:
@latestkruger very lucky to see them – the leopard sighting was spot on to you post even though we got there 4 hours later

Helped Chris Find Wild Dogs:
@latestkruger no cheetah – saw the wilds dogs briefly from yesterday’s post – they were hidden in the grass though.!/scuba_chris/status/158259087501561856

Helped Riaan Find A Leopard Kill:
Kruger Spotter:
Seen that leopard yet?

Yip. There were 2. Made a Kill. Thanks

Helped @MrTsoks6m Find A Pride Of Lions:
Tlale Tsoks:

Helped Garrett Rhodes Find His First Wild Cheetah:!/rhodesgarrett/status/157460278886416386



Helped Garrett Rhodes Find Mating Lions:

Helped @loudrick 10 wild dog’s, lions mating, over 200 buffaloes and Elephants:
@latestkruger we saw over 10 wild dog’s, over 200 buffalos ,six rhinos,lions mating. Elephents . Pretoriuskop road to skukuza .last week wed

Helped Zeshan Schwarzenegger with lots:
Zeshan Schwarzenegger:
You have helped me with coordinates of H1-4 at 5:26am  and many more also!! Quite helpfull this page is!! Thank’s alot!! Cheer’s. :)