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This is a must-have electronic map when in the park.

We take the thousands of sightings that are shared on a monthly basis and pinned them onto an interactive map to help you plan the best routes based on hard data.

You'll get the sightings for both the

Kruger National Park & Pilanesberg Game Reserve.



R60 monthly

(Billed annually)


R75 monthly

Try a demo here for free:

The map shows where and how many sightings of each animal was spotted at each point.

In the full product, sightings include: 

1. Lion

2. Leopard

3. Wild Dog

4. Cheetah

5. Spotted Hyena 

And all the others!

This is what raw 10,000+ sightings look on the map 

We took those sightings and summarized them for you to get their full value while on your safari

And, you don't only get Kruger, you also get Pilanesberg!