17 Sep 2019

Watch the absolutely heart-stopping moment a wildebeest calf finds itself as a victim to 2 hungry jackals. But this didn’t go down without a...

10 Sep 2019

Watch the nerve-wracking moment a python spots a bushbuck, that is feeding nearby, and how it starts to stalk it for a potential meal!

6 Sep 2019

Watch the moment a leopard cub makes its first successful attempt at catching its own food.

3 Sep 2019

Watch the intense moment a powerful elephant turns on a rhino and her baby that are taking up space at the local waterhole.

27 Aug 2019

Watch the unexpected moment a guide gets off the vehicle to follow fresh lion tracks, and follows the tracks right into the pride itself!

20 Aug 2019

This is the terrifying moment an angry rhino chased a jeep of safari-goers for 500 meters down a dirt track on a game reserve in South Afric...

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