2 Jun 2020

This snake was out looking for an easy meal. But an easy meal this was not! It caught a baby monitor lizard, and this lizard put up one hell...

26 May 2020

Our average video that we share is around 1.5-2 minutes, so when we share one that’s 5 minutes, you know something epic is going on!

19 May 2020

Hyenas are formidable hunters, however, they are infamously known for their scavenging skills. This video shows why!

12 May 2020

Watch the unexpected moment a crane stands up against a herd of elephants to protect her nest.

5 May 2020

Watch the unexpected moment a cheetah not only loses its food to vultures but then the vultures lose it to an opportunistic lion!

28 Apr 2020

Watch the shocking moment a crocodile finds himself completely surrounded by lions, and has no other option but to use his jaw strength and...

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