11 Apr 2017

Leopards simply cannot resist the chase when it comes to porcupines, for some unknown reason.

28 Mar 2017

34-year-old Field Guide, Cliff Butlin, managed to provide his guests with a stupefying front-row-seat sighting at Mjejane Game Reserve, 21 M...

21 Mar 2017

On a drive close to Lukimbi Safari Lodge in the South of Kruger, Cecil Kagan was amazed to come across a three-way honey badger brawl.

7 Mar 2017

Sparrowhawk takes on cuckoo in vicious stand-off

28 Feb 2017

Watch two of Africa’s Big 5 come face to face in an ancient rival standoff…

Captured by 34-year-old Joe Gregory, while on a safari vacation.


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