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Latest Sightings iPhone App for Kruger National Park
Latest Sightings Android App for Kruger National Park

Latest Sightings is an app platform that allows visitors who are currently on safari, be they rangers or tourists, to report the animals and events that they are seeing - live. 

They report their location, time and sighting to Latest Sightings, which in turn broadcasts these 'tings' (a reported sighting) to the smartphone app. 


This project meets many needs:

1. Enhances the safari experience by enabling visitors to go directly to interesting sightings.

2. Contributes toward research projects, such as the Wild Dog Project, the Ground Hornbill project, the Leopard Identification project, Pangolin and Bat projects.

3. Contributes towards wildlife conservation: When a report of a snared animal or suspicious activity is received, authorities get reported to immediately. So far, Latest Sightings has saved rhinos (which we do not report seeing due to poaching), hyenas, wild dogs and lions who have been injured by poachers.

4. Allows its users to join an avid wildlife-lover community