Latest Sightings Lodge Marketing

LS Sightings Board

The sightings board is an interactive screen that links to the LS app and automatically streams all sightings in the area in real-time.

Guest registers on the LS app and visits the "Profile" page. ​

After tapping on "Stream to Sightings Board", the guest will select your lodge.

LS Website Widget

A strip of sightings updated as they occur. The illustration below shows the widget that will be inserted into your website.

Latest Sightings App Marketing

Sightings shared on the app by guests that are streaming to the lodge's sightings board, will have the lodge's name associated to it.

LS map showing the lodge location

LS map showing the lodge location

When clicking on the pin, it shows extra info on the lodge

When clicking on the pin, it shows extra info on the lodge

LS app displaying the lodge's name

Social Media Marketing

All sightings that are shared by a guest staying at your lodge, will display your lodge's name.

Our social platforms reach 2-3mil people a week.

Facebook Campaign Marketing

Every month, through the revenue generated out of this partnership, LS will run an online campaign promoting the lodge and its sightings. These campaigns will be professionally targeted to a specific audience (This is based on a person's age, geography, interests etc.)

LS will provide you statistics of people reached, the number of views and number of inquiries generated.

Signing Up Your Lodge

1. A barter agreement whereby you provide Latest Sightings with 3 bed-nights every month in return for Latest Sightings to provide the above. (Ts and Cs here)