Letter confirming Latest Sightings’ barter terms and conditions

Latest Sightings (Pty) Ltd. (hereafter LS) is an online social media wildlife community. This letter records how LS will collaborate with you to:

  1. Market your property across our social media community and generate lead traffic to LS booking pages showcasing your lodge and sightings.

  2. Use our App and Electronic Sightings Board to add value to your guests’ stay by showing them where animals have been sighted in the previous 24 hours.

  3. Differentiate your property by showing potential customers what your guests are seeing “right now”.

  4. Automatically generate fresh, real-time content for your web site.



A. LS will provide:

  1. Sightings Board Technology:

    1. The sightings board is an interactive screen that links to the LS app and automatically streams all sightings in the area in real-time.

    2. While optimised for a large screen TV, the LS Sightings Board can be set up on multiple web-connected screens.

  2. LS Website Widget:

    1. The LS website widget is a continuous automatically-updating stream of sightings as they are reported on the app.

    2. It is designed to fit any website.

    3. Easy to install HTML code.

  3. App Pin:

    1. The LS smartphone app features a map of live sightings in your area. We will feature a pin with your lodge and your basic info on this map. (See Error! Reference source not found. on page Error! Bookmark not defined.)

  4. Marketing of your Lodge by sharing your sightings across our social platforms:

    1. Sightings shared by you and your guests are shared across our online communities. Your Lodge’s name will appear every time a sighting is shared and, when appropriate, will have a call to action and a link to a landing page.

    2. Typically, a good sighting shared across our online platforms will be seen by tens of thousands of wildlife enthusiasts.  

    3. Our statistics on our platforms are as follows (as at June 2017):

      1. Facebook: +-200 000 likes and on average 1-2 million weekly reach

      2. Instagram: 35 000 followers

      3. Twitter: 21 000 followers

      4. YouTube: 490 000 subscribers, approximately half a million views per day, and over half a billion total views

B. In exchange, the Lodge will provide LS with:

  1. 36 bed-nights per year. A bed-night is understood as follows:

    1. You have different types of chalets available.

    2. A bed-night is the booking of one of the chalet for 1 night.

    3. LS is free to onsell these bed-nights to customers at prices at its own discretion.

    4. Bookings of bed-nights will be available for sale during school-holidays, but will not be available for sale on long weekends.

    5. Bed-nights expire after 16 months.

    6. Should the sold bed-nights include optional amenities (breakfast, guided drives etc.), proceeds from those options purchased will be paid to you minus a 5% commission to LS.

    7. Bookings over and above the 36 bed nights made through LS will accrue to you subject to an agreed commission of 5%.

    8. If you are on Nightsbridge, you can provide the LS Nightsbridge account with a special promotion giving 1 night free with a minimum of a 3 nights stay, with the first paid 24 nights accruing to LS.

    9. Should you have another booking system we will try and integrate for real-time availability and bookings, alternatively LS will conduct this process manually.

    10. Should LS not be able to sell any bed-nights, LS will still keep to its obligations (See Section A, page 2).

  2. A web connected Smart TV on your property on which to run the Sightings Board.

  3. The Lodge will embed the LS widget on its website so as to showcase the property’s sightings.

  4. A minimum of 4 sightings, with good quality photos/videos, every month.  The more sightings shared, the greater your exposure.​

C. Bookings:

  1. LS will handle the payment for the bookings of the bed-nights that form part of the 36 given to LS every year.

  2. Should the booking be longer than 3 nights, LS will handle the entire booking and collect payment. Payment of the revenue for the additional nights will be transferred to the Lodge within 15 days of receipt of payment.

  3. LS will forward to the Lodge any booking requests that come through to LS that don’t form part of the 36 bed-nights given to LS every year.

  4. Should LS have set up an automated system where by guests can book online, bookings will be handled online, under the LS domain, while guest details will be forwarded to the Lodge.

  5. If there is a booking referred to the Lodge by LS, that is not part of the 36 bed-nights, the Lodge will handle the booking and keep the payment.

  6. All bookings originating from LS that do not form part of the 36 bed-nights will be subject to 5% commission.

D. Our Marketing Strategy:

Social Media Sightings:

 - All sightings by a guest staying at the Lodge shared on the LS social media platforms, will display the Lodge’s name. (See Figure 1 below)

App Marketing:

 - Sightings shared on the app by guests that have opted in to the “stream to a sightings board” feature, will have the Lodge’s name associated to it.


Facebook Campaign Marketing:

 - Every month, LS will run a paid campaign, using the revenue generated from the sales of the bed-nights.

 - These campaigns will be professionally targeted, so not all members will see the advert. By “targeted” we mean only focusing on a certain demographic (Male, female, geography, age, interests, etc.)

 - The advert may contain a list of a few different partner lodges and their sightings.

 - LS will provide the following stats after each campaign:

  1. Number of people reached

  2. Number of views, in the case of a video

  3. Number of inquiries generated

E. Sightings Board

How to stream to a sightings board:­

  1. Guest must register as a user on the LS app, and login.

  2. In the Profile tab, tap Stream to Sightings Board.

  3. Select the lodge as well as duration of stay.

  4. Save​

F. Termination:

  1. This agreement can be terminated by either party subject to one month’s notice.

  2. In the event of termination:

    1. Unless cancelled within the first 5 months, starting from the date of acceptance, all accrued unsold bed-nights, at the time of cancellation, remain available for LS to sell.

    2. All confirmed and booked bed-nights shall remain confirmed and booked, subject to the terms of this agreement.​

G. Automatic Renewal:

This agreement will be valid for 12 months from date of this letter being accepted by the Lodge and will renew automatically for 12 months unless otherwise terminated in writing by either of the parties.