Leopard Takes on 9 Wild Dogs

September 19, 2017

A pack of wild dogs happily digging into their meal did not expect it to be short-lived as this leopard  ordered himself an easy drive through meal…




Field Guide (Ranger), Patrick Mziyako, was taking his guests for a ride when he captured this footage in  Kruger, at Kwaggaspan Waterhole near Skukuza.




Patrick tells Latestsightings.com the story: “I was on a morning game drive from Jock Safari Lodge when  I saw a pack of 9 wild dogs lying down. As I approached the pack, four of them stood up and began  walking around. They spotted a small herd of impala 100 meters away to the western side of the road  and one wild dog started stalking them. Soon, the rest join in with the chase. 




They singled out one impala from the herd and hurried it towards the waterhole which is nice and open.  Myself, and my other colleague who was following me, watched as two dogs running on the road led us  straight to the kill.




Whilst watching all of the dogs feed on the impala, a male leopard came out from nowhere and grabbed  the half eaten impala and raced straight up into the leadwood tree close to the road. 

Wow what a sighting!




I was very excited because it is not easy to witness such a drama in Kruger. The wild dogs tried to fight  the leopard off but it was too late. They soon left the scene after trying to stare their food out of the  tree.




This is a very rare sighting. The last time I got to witness this was 7 years ago at Berg en Dal camp. 




I would always recommend going out on drive early in the morning, because you can witness things like  this without being interrupted by any other cars”.





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