Live Streams from MalaMala, Greater Kruger

MalaMala rangers and Latest Sightings provide rare – real time- glimpse into predator paradise

MalaMala rangers and Latest Sightings have teamed up to bring you live streams of sightings on arguably the best ‘Big 5’ game viewing property on the planet, MalaMala Game Reserve.

To watch the streams:

Latest Sightings YouTube page -

Latest Sightings Facebook page -

Here are some amazing highlights of what has been streamed so far!

MalaMala is the oldest and largest privately owned ‘Big 5’ game reserve bordering the Kruger National Park. This prime 13,200ha (33,000a) of land is wedged between the Sabi Sands Game Reserve and the Kruger National Park and has not a single fence line on any of its boundaries. The reserve boasts 20km’s of river frontage along the Sand River, which is the lifeblood of the reserve, particularly during the dry winter months, when animal interaction is at its most intense. The area is world renowned for its high predator density (particularly that of leopards); and the relaxed nature of its animals, thanks in large to the strict driving and viewing protocols implemented by MalaMala rangers over many decades. MalaMala is the Safari Industry’s blueprint to the luxury photographic safari.

Latest Sightings is a platform for visitors who are currently on a safari, be they rangers or tourists, to report the animals and events that they are seeing, in real-time. Users report their location, time and sighting to Latest Sightings, which in turn broadcasts these "tings" (a reported sighting) to other app-users and also over various media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, instagram etc…). These sightings allow users to maximize and enhance their safari experience as they get a heads-up on where sightings are taking place.

If MalaMala is the “Grand Dame” of the savannah woodland, then Latest Sightings is the new “Whizz-kid” on the block. Nadav started Latest Sightings at the tender age of 15 and has been a trailblazer in the online safari space since Latest Sightings’ inception in 2011. The current lockdown has brought the grand dame and the whizz-kid together in the most organic way, as though being directed by Mother Nature Herself, and the outcome has been overwhelmingly positive. YouTube viewer James Laurie’s thoughts on this collaboration: “If we can't actually get to a game park for obvious reasons, this is certainly the next best thing. Thank you.”

Nadav has been instrumental in aiding the MalaMala rangers by assisting in growing their YouTube subscription base, this will hopefully keep the rangers on the property for the foreseeable future during these uncertain times. Join us as we broadcast our sightings live and watch how this synergy unfolds.

  • Sightings will be live streamed on an ad hoc basis on the Latest Sightings YouTube page ( and occasionally on the Latest Sightings Facebook page ( They will be streamed where and when rangers at MalaMala have the opportunity to do so. Bear in mind that the rangers’ primary function is to protect the animals and maintain the property whilst there are no guests in camp, also, cellular reception covers only about 10% of the property’s range, so they will only be able to live stream when these animals are within cell phone reception.

  • Sightings that are witnessed beyond cellular range will be filmed and uploaded onto the MalaMala Game Reserve YouTube channel ( as regularly as possible.

  • To get notifications of when sightings go live, subscribe to Latest Sightings’ and MalaMala’s various social media platforms.

You can help us remain on the reserve for the foreseeable future by liking our media content, asking lots of questions online and subscribing to our social media platforms.