Herd of 100+ Buffalo Kill a Lioness

Watch the heart-stopping moment a large herd of 100+ buffalo gang up on 2 lions, killing the one.

This extremely rare and brutal sighting was seen 2 days ago at Mestel Dam, Kruger National Park. Kyle Mills, 26-year-old data analyst, photographed the sighting while on his trip to the game reserve.

Later, we received the footage! Danica Roux, 28-year-old chef, filmed the stampede while on holiday with her family in the Kruger National Park.

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Kyle Mills tells his story: “I left Pretoriuskop Camp at around 3 pm on the 12th of December, with the intention to watch the beautiful sunset at Transport dam. Upon consulting the map book, I saw there was another dam nearby, this being Mestel.”

“I hadn’t ever been there before and decided to drive there and see if there was water. As soon as I arrived, there was one other vehicle and there didn’t seem to be much going on at the dam. I decided to take a quick scan with binoculars and, in doing so, noticed a leopard lying in the shade beneath a tree across the dam. I informed the driver of the other vehicle and we sat watching it for about 30 minutes before three impalas made their way down and the leopard began taking an interest.”


“At this point, I contacted my dad and grandfather to come down to witness a potential hunt. By the time they arrived the impala had moved off and the leopard returned to the shade, shortly after this a large herd of buffalo made their way down to the water, surrounding the leopard.”

“A few of them noticed it and chased it up a tree. We decided to stay and see if anything further would happen between the leopard and buffalo. We had no idea there were two lionesses hiding in the reeds nearby. Quite suddenly, the buffalo began stampeding across the shoreline of the dam kicking up a lot of dust. I began taking photos of this dramatic scene when I noticed that it almost looked like the buffalo were tripping over each other, there was a lot of movement in the middle of the herd. It was then that I noticed something strange and realized there was a lion in the middle of the herd. They then began tossing the lioness into the air repeatedly. It was soon evident that she was dead, however, the buffalo continued tossing her.”

“Some game vehicles started arriving at this point. The buffalo tossed the body into the water and cautiously sniffed at it. The second lioness was then spotted on our side of the bank, having escaped the buffalo. The herd began dispersing with a few individuals remaining behind. These individuals then continued to toss the body of the lioness around, when the second lioness confronted them, only to be chased away."

"Once the last buffalo left, the surviving lioness approached the body of the dead one, sniffing at it and looking around. She then went and lay a short distance away until hippo began chasing her.”